Favorite Fun And Delicious Irish Coffee Recipes

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Is it a drink, or is it dessert? Irish coffee, since it became popular in the early 1950′s, has delighted countless people with both its mellowing and stimulating qualities, not to mention the touch of richness from sugar and heavy cream. It can easily be made and enjoyed at home, especially as an after-dinner drink.

Freshly brewed, strong and bold coffee is the basis for this concoction. Pre-heat a glass mug with hot tap water, discard the water, then Read more…


Enjoying The Light Smooth Taste Of A Cafe Latte

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Very few things go better with a fresh baked croissant than a cafe latte. The traditional cafe latte consists of one part espresso and two parts steamed milk. Once heated water forcefully passes over the finely ground coffee beans, the fragrantly, rich aroma of espresso entices most people to imbibe in the hot beverage at least once. It is, however, the beverage’s smooth flavor and the anticipated, famous caffeine buzz that keep coffee aficionados coming back for more.

Brands And Blends Of Brew

The same beans used in popular drip coffee-making also produces Read more…


How To Prepare And Serve The Perfect Cafe Latte

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While it is possible to make a cafe latte without one, using an espresso maker streamlines the process and makes it easier to attain that perfect flavor and texture. Follow these steps to make a luscious latte.

First, warm the mug in which you intend to serve your beverage. This little detail makes a huge difference in the presentation of your latte.

Second, prepare the milk. Fill a chilled pitcher with 1 cup of whole milk. Using a thermometer and steam wand, heat the milk to 155 to 165 degrees Farenheit, being careful Read more…


Coffee Outside the Morning

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Mornings are the best when accompanied by a strong cup of joe and some http://www.directstartv.com/ morning shows in the background – but what about the other times of day? Coffee’s becoming a drink for all ages and here are a few of the other occasions to give it a try if you’re new to the sport of caffeine inhalation
Before a workout: Not right before, obviously, but about 30 minutes prior to your workout have a cup of strong black coffee. The extra caffeine will help you do your best during the workout and in fact many nutritional supplements now include the stimulant as well.
As an afternoon pick-me-up: If you work in an office, particularly, having a cup between 2 and 3pm can really stimulate your mood. It’s hard to stay focused when the afternoon sleepies hit but a cup of coffee gives you an excuse to move around and that much needed jolt.
As an after dinner treat: Are you dieting? Coffee drinks (think Espresso or iced coffee with fat-free milk) can make a great dessert stand in with half the calories. Jus choose decaf to avoid being up all night.


Non Espresso-Based Coffee Brewing Techniques From Around The World

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There are so many different types of techniques that are used all over the world when it comes to non espresso based coffee brewing. Many people actually make their own espresso on their own, while others use an espresso machine. It can be done either way. Many people also like to use their own ingredients, and have their own ways of making the espresso taste like they want it to. Many people in Italy, actually like a darker roast, but as you go further north, you will see that the people there Read more…


Where To Find Beautiful Antique Coffee Grinders

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Beautiful antique coffee grinders from around the world make exciting additions to any collection. Choosing specific countries or a time in history from which you would like your coffee grinders or coffee mills is the starting point from which to begin your search. Museums of history offer extraordinary regional and international information and education about the coffee industry and the many types of authentic antique coffee grinders and mills. Authentication is major when acquiring an antique as an investment or a collection piece for genuine and historic craftsmanship.I found some more information here. Additional knowledge when searching for the ultimate collection pieces Read more…


Knowing The Varieties Of Espresso-Based Coffee With Milk

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Espresso is not a type of coffee bean. Espresso is a coffee-brewing method that produces a syrupy, strong tasting liquid that is a “base” for a variety of popular coffee drinks made with milk.

Caffe latte is typically prepared with a “shot” (30mL, or “double shot” 60mL) of espresso in the bottom of a cup and steamed milk is added, and served with a thin layer of foamed milk on top.

Latte Macchiato is the reverse. A Read more…


Taking A Look At The Modern Home Espresso Machines

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There are so many different types of expresso machines that you can actually buy. The smartest thing to do is to actually shop online before you go in the actual stores. Shopping online, may not necessarily mean that you will have to make a purchase. You can see what types of machines are out there. This is so that you will actually have an idea of what to buy when you do go and shop in the stores. You can look online according to customer reviews and ratings, and even detailed descriptions. There Read more…

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